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Pacuare Lodge
Eco hotel enclosed by tropical rainforests and lush green canyons

Ecofriendly Pacuare Lodge

Price from:Over $300
4 - High End
CST:5 Leaves
  • Pool
  • Restaurant
  • Walking / Hiking Trails
  • A/C
  • Private Balcony / Terrace
  • Laundry Service
  • Spa Services
  • Concierge
  • Wedding Planners

Deep Within The Jungle

Pacuare River, buried deep within the jungle, an Eco hotel enclosed by tropical rainforests and lush green canyons serves as a rafting outpost along the Pacuare River. The world famous Pacuare Lodge sits on Costa Rica's Caribbean basin where heavy rainfall and dense vegetation retain its primitive nature. Indigenous tribes near Pacuare River live beyond modern life thanks to earth's giving spirit. This place will add a special experience to your Costa Rica vacation you will never forget.

Rural Transport

There are two ways of reaching and leaving the Pacuare Lodge, just be sure to travel light and be prepared for rain. Transportation from San José to the river is already included. From there the ground route includes four-wheel drives, a hanging gondola crossing the Pacuare River and a short hike. The river option entails white water rafting through jungles and canyons spotting waterfalls and riparian diversity. You will pass some exiting rapids and have a lot of fun while being surrounded by this amazing vegetation and watching exotic birds flying over your head.

Sustainable Tourism

This Eco friendly hotel is fully detached from cars, cell phones, computers, TV's and even electricity. Time and time again, patrons express how enchanted they are by the green luxury found at Pacuare Lodge. Bungalows are spread out with ample space and the decor blends with the natural forest and river ambience. When nature's light darkens at six in the evening, candles on chandeliers are lit by hand for delicious dining. After sharing stories to the sounds of cicadas, frogs, lizards and insects, patrons soundly fall asleep under a mosquito net.

Ecological Activities

Away from it all, Pacuare Lodge is ideal for romantic couples that wish to relax in nature. But being removed from the industrial world does not mean a lack of thrills and action. Rafting over white waters between forest-covered canyons is the main allure of Costa Rica Pacuare Lodge. The Lodge's private reserve hosts tropical forest canopy tours, jungle zip line tours, rappel tours and horseback riding. Lodge guides are great for exposing wildlife during early morning bird walks and visits to indigenous villages. They're very cordial and provide required safety from tropical rainforest hazards.